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Construction oenological machines, stainless steel tanks

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Rif. n° 3538/1

Ref. n° 3538/1 - SOLD

N° 1 Horizonthal Wine Fermenter, "submerged cap system GIOIELLO", volume 36,5 m3, in AISI 304/2B stainless steel, with insulated cooling jacket and Electric control board in stainless steel case, with timers, Inverter, Macro oxygenation, CO2 kit.

Length: 6550mm
Width: 3100mm
Height: 3350mm

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Rif. n° 4128/1

Ref. n° 4128/1

N° 3 Storage tanks 23Hl, finish: 2B, AISI 304 stainless steel.

Diameter: 1500mm
Total height: 1700mm

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Rif. n° 2562/5

Ref. n° 2562/5 - SOLD

N° 1 Rotary wine fermenter, 10500 L in AISI 304 stainless steel, with insulated cooling jacket, Satined external finish. Electric control board with timers; Supporting frame in stainless steel; Suitable to be equipped with Macro oxygenation devices; Complete safety covering for chain, all around the tank, in stainless steel.

Length: 4315mm
Width: 2695mm
Height: 2640mm

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Ref. n° 2164/1 - SOLD

N° 1 Doubletank 80hl (top with flat, sloping bottom ) + 75hl (with conical bottom ) external finish: satiny - internal finish : BA (mirror), standing on adjustable Legs, with n.2 insulated cooling Jackets, Stainless steel 304AISI 304.

Diameter: 1990mm
Cylindrical Body height: 5000mm
Legs height: 600mm
Total height: 6200mm

SPECIAL PRICE Euro 9.900,00

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